Yesterday's Breakfast

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The Hotel De-Luxe in Portland is just a couple blocks away from the apartment. Very swanky. It tries to evoke 1930s Hollywood, and it comes fairly close. It's good to have a fancy-pants breakfast restaurant (Gracie's) within walking distance. I've had the Huevos Rancheros twice, and they're very good. Excellent coffee, too.

Do NOT order the Corned Beef Hash at the Everett Street Bistro if you want to get actual Corned Beef Hash. I didn't read the fine print, where it says that Corned Beef Hash is a "creamy mixture of corned beef, roasted potatoes, roasted garlic & topped with a poached egg." That is not Corned Beef Hash. They should just call it Garlic, Potato and Corned Beef [i]Soup![/i]


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