Yesterday's Breakfast

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Doug Fir

Logger's Breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash browns, english muffins, coffee.

Logger's Breakfast:, but with eggs over medium, biscuits and gravy, and she added the chicken-fried steak, which we shared.

We got an inversion of the usual Doug Fir good food/bad service -- The G.F. sent her hash browns back because they were mushy, and the waitress was very good about it. Apparently, the usual breakfast cook wasn't there, and a night cook was filling in. Come to think of it, the chicken-fried steak was pretty tough, too. I ate it and the hash browns anyway, because what the hell, it'll make a turd.

I forgot that they don't have red Tabasco, and neglected to bring my little bottle. Made due with green. What is the deal with restaurants not having red Tabasco anymore?


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