Yesterday's Breakfast

Friday, February 17, 2006

Surreal Breakfast

The GF speaks for the first time on Yesterday's Breakfast!

An early morning errand took me by an un-named diner near the Central Library today. I asked if they took credit cards (no) and I didn't have any cash, but the owner insisted that I stay and that I could come back and pay another time. Amazing. His name is Peter. I think he's Japanese. Bows a lot. I heard him tell someone that he's worked there for 25 years. I ordered the special: french toast, bacon, and coffee. The bacon was flat as a board and had an odd, yellowish color. On closer inspection, I realized that it had been lightly battered before frying. Tempura bacon.


Blogger Dan said...

The GF and I have since learned, by walking around the other side of the cafe, that it is called "Leo's Non-Smoking Cafe".

10:54 PM  

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