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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weird Southern Breakfast

The plan was to get a FlexCar and go for a drive. We got a free membership, and we have to use it at least once each before New Year's. So we went out for a walk to get a very late breakfast (1:00 pm) at Kornblat's Deli, and on the way there, it started to snow. Of course, we also saw your basic, standard model idiot on the way there: a woman wearing a parka and flip-flops!

So, anyway, enough ranting about idiots. Breakfast was -- ME: Corned Beef Hash with two scrambled eggs on the side. The meal came with a bagel, which I gave to the G.F., and she supplemented that with two eggs over soft. She let me have a bite of the poppy seed bagel, and it was stellar. Just crispy enough on the outside to let you know it had been toasted, still warm, topped with cream cheese.

I forget what I had for breakfast yesterday.

I used to have a roommate who was from Arkansas, and he would sometimes eat leftover cornbread for breakfast. What you do is break it up into spoon-sized chunks, put it in a bowl, pour milk over it and eat it as breakfast cereal. I did that today. The cornbread was a little too cake-y for my taste, too sweet.

What did the G.F. have today? Oh yeah, some of that Greek yogurt they sell at Trader Joe's. Strawberry, and she left the honey-flavored one for me.

I totally forgot to mention that a couple breakfasts ago, I had cinnamon toast. MMMM, that's good. I even put cinnamon and sugar in its own shaker so I can have it whenever the mood strikes me.

The G.F. and I will be visiting my parents in SoCal in January; my mom is already planning to make Dutch Babies for the G.F. Planning breakfasts way in advance runs in my family.


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