Yesterday's Breakfast

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weird Southern Breakfast

The plan was to get a FlexCar and go for a drive. We got a free membership, and we have to use it at least once each before New Year's. So we went out for a walk to get a very late breakfast (1:00 pm) at Kornblat's Deli, and on the way there, it started to snow. Of course, we also saw your basic, standard model idiot on the way there: a woman wearing a parka and flip-flops!

So, anyway, enough ranting about idiots. Breakfast was -- ME: Corned Beef Hash with two scrambled eggs on the side. The meal came with a bagel, which I gave to the G.F., and she supplemented that with two eggs over soft. She let me have a bite of the poppy seed bagel, and it was stellar. Just crispy enough on the outside to let you know it had been toasted, still warm, topped with cream cheese.

I forget what I had for breakfast yesterday.

I used to have a roommate who was from Arkansas, and he would sometimes eat leftover cornbread for breakfast. What you do is break it up into spoon-sized chunks, put it in a bowl, pour milk over it and eat it as breakfast cereal. I did that today. The cornbread was a little too cake-y for my taste, too sweet.

What did the G.F. have today? Oh yeah, some of that Greek yogurt they sell at Trader Joe's. Strawberry, and she left the honey-flavored one for me.

I totally forgot to mention that a couple breakfasts ago, I had cinnamon toast. MMMM, that's good. I even put cinnamon and sugar in its own shaker so I can have it whenever the mood strikes me.

The G.F. and I will be visiting my parents in SoCal in January; my mom is already planning to make Dutch Babies for the G.F. Planning breakfasts way in advance runs in my family.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Why I am fat.

A bannana.

A bowl of pumpkin granola. I guess we had that left from around Thanxgrubbing.


Then I decided that wasn't enough so I had a quesadilla.

And more coffee.

AND last night, the G.F. was working late, and I didn't feel like cooking anything fancy for myself, so I made a 4-egg omlette. Yes, I had a big breakfast for dinner.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Crummy day, good breakfast

I'm having a crummy day of errands, but at least it started out with flapjacks and maple syrup, maple-flavored sausages and coffee. It's been all downhill from there, though.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

No Fuller's

Nope, no Fullers. Yesterday, we had feta and spinach omlettes. At home. Mmmmm..

And today, just bagels and coffee. Kind of boring. Neither the G.F. nor I wanted to cook breakfast, though she tried to convince me that I promised last night. NOT SO! I said that sausages and pancakes sounded good, I didn't say I wanted to cook them.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Tubby Toast!

Today: French Toast! With real maple syrup! MMMMM. The G.F. bought some butter pecan syrup, and I can't stand it, so I had to go get some real maple syrup for today.

Yesterday... what the heck did we have yesterday? I guess that while breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's only important that day.

I think tomorrow will be Fuller's.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bisquits n' Gravy

Yesterday: Bisquits and gravy, OJ, coffee.

Today, practically nothing. Walked into McDonalds to get a McMuffin and they were playing the Beach Boy's "Little St. Nick". I hate Xmas music so much that I turned around and walked right out.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Corned Beef Hash

Day before yesterday, homemade corn beef hash. I didn't cook the potatoes quite enough. Used the leftover corned beef yesterday to make a Ruben, which was killer.

Can't remember yesterday's breakfast. Probably just a bagel and coffee.

Today, started with a bannana and coffee. Went into the office, had a microwave "Amy's Breakfast Burrito".

Friday, December 02, 2005


Just coffee and a toasted onion bagel with cream cheese. Nothing spectacular, but I do like onion bagels.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Doug Fir

Logger's Breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash browns, english muffins, coffee.

Logger's Breakfast:, but with eggs over medium, biscuits and gravy, and she added the chicken-fried steak, which we shared.

We got an inversion of the usual Doug Fir good food/bad service -- The G.F. sent her hash browns back because they were mushy, and the waitress was very good about it. Apparently, the usual breakfast cook wasn't there, and a night cook was filling in. Come to think of it, the chicken-fried steak was pretty tough, too. I ate it and the hash browns anyway, because what the hell, it'll make a turd.

I forgot that they don't have red Tabasco, and neglected to bring my little bottle. Made due with green. What is the deal with restaurants not having red Tabasco anymore?